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During the many years he has been engaged as a one of the World's most prestigious professional Toastmasters, London's own Jack Burns has been seen around the globe public speaking at:


  • Royal and Civic events…
  • Corporate and Industrial Dinners
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Ambassadorial Receptions
  • Sports and Association Lunches
  • Ladies Festivals
  • Product Launches
  • Charity Auctions
  • Weddings
  • Funeral and Memorial Services
  • Hunt Balls etc.etc


plus countless other venues where only the highest calibre Toastmaster is accepted.

More about Jack

As well as being one of the finest toastmasters London has to offer Jack Burns is also a member of what is probably the most prestigious association of Professional Toastmasters.


Full membership to The Executive Guild of Toastmasters can only be obtained following a lengthy and thorough Toastmaster training course and by passing a series of exacting public speaking and practical examinations.

Member Toastmasters must remain constantly aware of any adjustments to the complex rules of protocol and etiquette. Also to changes within The Royal Family, The Government, The Church, The Peerage etc. All of whom have their own modus operandi with which a truly Professional Toastmaster must be conversant.


Jack Burns is also a Freeman of the City of London

A toastmaster is a key person at any occasion where there is a degree of formality required. Formal occasions can be daunting for many people as they may be inexperienced at either organising or even attending such events. It is important, therefore, to have someone who has experience of such situations who can make sure things go smoothly.

Toastmasters appear formal in their uniform, which often includes a red tailcoat. However, as well as giving structure and gravitas to proceedings, they use their skills and personality to imbue a sense of fun and put their guests at ease. A good toastmaster will be able to gauge the mood of the event and help create the right atmosphere.

Many people think a toastmaster simply makes announcements. This is just a small part of their work. Much of what a toastmaster does happens before the event. They work closely with the client to make sure that the tone and timetable is appropriate and is what the client wants. They will also work closely with the staff at the venue to ensure these wishes are followed through.

At the event, the toastmaster will ensure things run smoothly. At a wedding, for example, he or she will be responsible for any or all of the following: announcements; greeting the wedding party; announcing guests; pouring champagne for key guests; introducing speeches; ensuring the guest book is signed; liaising with photographers; looking after cards and gifts; organising the line up of guests; arranging the cutting of the cake and introducing the first dance. The bride and groom should certainly not be concerning themselves with what happens next on their special day, and neither should their guests. The toastmaster provides direction, often to large numbers of people, and thus holds the whole day together.

Toastmasters are employed at a wide range of other events. Businesses employ toastmasters to host corporate functions. In this case, their role would include opening proceedings, proposing toasts, announcing speeches, announcing the meal and helping guests to their designated tables.

At award ceremonies, the toastmaster will introduce those presenting the awards and direct award winners to and from the stage, as well as directing guests to take their seats and injecting some humour or seriousness to the event as appropriate.

Charity auctions can benefit from being run by a toastmaster. Whilst those involved in the charity are passionate about their cause, they may not have the experience to successfully host a formal auction. The toastmaster can run the event as a compère and use their personality and skills to raise interest in the lots to bring the optimum benefit to the chosen cause.

Other events to which the toastmaster can apply their talents include formal receptions, association lunches and dinners, formal sports gatherings, ladies events and Masonic occasions. At such events the toastmaster will take charge of announcements, arranging speakers, introducing them and making sure they keep to time. The toastmaster can also prevent things from becoming dull by using their talents to inject new life, fun and focus into proceedings.

When it comes to very formal occasions, it is the toastmaster who is the person with the skills and training to ensure everyone is up to date with etiquette. They will have all the necessary knowledge of who’s who in the Royal Family, the government, the Church and so on. Each institution has its own rules of behaviour, to which those meeting them must adhere. The toastmaster can therefore take away the worries of guests who may be concerned that embarrassment might be caused by doing things wrong. Hence titled guests and other VIPs will be addressed correctly and treated appropriately according to their status.

Whatever the event, employing a toastmaster adds the appropriate level of organisation, gravitas, fun and ultimately that 'je ne sais quoi' which makes the day memorable and special.